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Multi Ch. Dracula, our Dog of ORLOK

Bullmastiffs, since 1988

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The Molossers:

The Bullmastiff is the most atletical dog unther the Molosser. Like a defending dog he's mostly usefull. The Molossers are descending of the Tibetaning Dog. Their marks are: big, heavy bone with a massive head. A large skull, the muzzle is large and powerfull, short. Small and pending ears, dark eyes. Thick flews. The body is powerfull, showing great strength and is well musculated. The coat is thick.
The Bullmastiff is a rare dog of defensive, first of all he was breed to catch poachers.They learned him not to bite but maintning the poacher on the ground. In the beginning of the 20th centurie they croissed an Old English Mastiff with an English Bulldog to create a faster dog. The finaily results where 60% of the Mastiff and 40% of the Bulldog. So a Bullmastiff first look must be mastiff-like. So now still Bullmastiffs are used by the English police and in the South of Africa to defend the diamond minery. The English Kennel Club reconnissed the Bullmastiff on the 2nd december 1924.
The Bullmastiff standard of breeding...!

Dracula in action

Shortly Generale appearence: symmetrical built powerfull, showing great strenght, but still atletic. Body: short and straight, compact Coat: short and hard Colour: any shade of brindle, fawn or red, but the colour must be pure and clear. B e interrested, but are you U rgent to have a Bullmastiffpuppy now..! L ooking right away....! Sorry, we hav'nt L ater on, yes that's possible. Call us and M ake an A ppointement S ure, only after a T elephone call. I nforme you well, because there are F amilie breeders and F ull house breeders. The dogs are living in our house.
No kennels outside. Off-course the puppys will grow-up in our home,
they will be maximum socialised.
Dracula quiet
"The Dog of ORLOK" is a membre of the Dutch Bullmastiff Club "BMCN"
and is breeding
the Bullmastiff within the rules of breeding witch the BMCN
Bullmastiff breeders oppose. Also we are membre of the France Mastiff-Bullmastiff Club.

We love the Bullmastiff, sometimes we have puppys:

Mrs. G. Assink Vivaldipad 43 1323 AJ Almere the Netherlands (Europe) tel/fax +31 (0)36 5362744 E-mail email me

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Since 1988 we are showing the Bullmastiff in the Netherlands, Belgium, French and Germany. Please click on one of the following thumbnails to see fullsize pictures of our beautiful Bullmastiffs:

Ch. Dracula, Fawn male Ch. Cadenham Desperado, Fawn female Joviale the Dog of ORLOK, Red female Ch. Yndra of Galway (Mamba), Brindle female Moraya the Dog of ORLOK, Brindle female Nobline the Dog of ORLOK, Red female Reinanke Rodèsla the Dog of ORLOK, Fawn female Power the Dog of ORLOK, Brindle male Reinanke Rodèsla the Dog of ORLOK, Fawn female Pups from Moraya at 2000 Pups from Nobline at 2001 Pups from Nobline at 2003 Pups from Rodèsla at 2005

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